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WB PSC KPS 2011 result | Question paper download


West Bengal Public service commission published the result of KPS 2011.
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Direction for Question Nos. 1 to 6
Find out the words opposite in the meaning of the expressions underline in the following sentences:

1. The dealer has VOUCHED for the antique's authenticity

a) certified  b) ascertained
c) disavowed d) testified

2. Some people FEIGN illness to avoid having to work
a) pretend  b) fake
c) invent  d) hide

3. I must CONCED that you are right

a) acknowledge  b) denounce
c) admit   d) grant

4. Efforts were made to SALVAGE the sinking ship

a) redeem   b) ravage
c) restore   d) retrieve

5. You could EMBELLISH your blazer with a rose

a) adom   b) beautify
c) mar   d) decorate

6. Due to the quake, thousands feared an IMMINENT collapse
a) impending  b) looming
c) subsequent  d) threatening

7. Fill in the blanks:

I, who ....... your friend, will help you in need

a) am   b) is c) are d) were

8. Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.

The boys started for a ..... walk

a) ten miles  b) ten mile
c) tens mile  d) tens of miles

9. In the following questions, the sentence is split in to four parts and named P,Q,R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order, Read the sentence and find out which of the four combinations is correct.
As the box
P: allow them to fight
Q: the people said
R: advanced into the ring
s: they would not

a) PRQS  b) RQSP
c) SPQR  d) RSQP

Direction for the question Nos. 10 to 15:

Choose the best alternative of the words underlined:

10. His FIDELITY to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi was exemplare.

a) loyalty     b) criticism
c) acceptance  d) opposition

11. It was MAGNANIMITY to overlook such remarks

a) weakness b) judgement
c) wisdom  d) generosity

12. Raju works for a PALTRY sum in a provision store

a) huge    b) heavy
c) meager   d) sufficient

13. INCENSED by his rude behavior the employer sacked him

a) excited  b) enraged
c) hurt  d) troubled

14. AMITY between neighboring countries is always beneficial to the public

a) goodwill  b) competition

c) enmity   d) understand

15. FORSAKEN by her friends, she sank deeper into depression

a) punished  b) beaten
c) abandoned  d) cheated

16. Read the sentences carefully.

I) The money was divided between Rita, Ramesh and Sujoy

II) The money was divided among Rita, Ramesh and Sujoy
Now tick the correct answer.
a) only (I) is correct
b) only (II) is correct
c) both (I) and (II) are correct
d) both (I) and (II) are incorrect

17. Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrasal verb.

The old man stands very little chance of recovery as his age ...... him

a) catches out   b) dies out

c) counts against  d) drags down

18) Choose the correct sentence.

a) As soon as I will get my salary, I will buy a car

b) As soon as I shall get my salary, I will buy a car

c) As soon as I will get my salary, I shall buy a car

d) As soon as I get my salary, I will buy a car

19) Select the alternative which best joins the given two sentence with a Gerund..

The people cheered the king. They waved their hats and handkerchiefs

a) The people cheered the king as they waved their hats and handkerchiefs.

b) The people waved the king as they cheered their hats and handkerchiefs.

c) The king was cheered by the people as they waved their hats and handkerchiefs.

d) Waving their hats and handkerchiefs, the people cheered the king.

20) Which of the following sentences has a Noun clause?

a) He fled where his pursuers could not follow him.

b) We eat that we may live.

c) It is certain that he will be late.

d) He finished first though he began late.

21. Which of the following sentences is an example of compound sentence?

a) The man, being very hungry, ate too much.

b) The ink had dried up and I could not write.

c) Against the wishes of his family he left school.

d) He lost more than he could afford.

22. Select the alternative which best expresses the passive form of the sentence given below.

The Romans expected to conquer Carthage

a) Carthage expected the Romans to conquer it.

b) It is expected that Romans would conquer Carthage.

c) It was expected by the Romans that they would conquer Carthage

d) Carthage is conquered by the Romans.

23. Select the alternative which best expresses the Indirect form of the sentence given.

He said to him, "Is not your name John ?"

a) He enquired whether his name is not John.

b) He enquired whether his name was not John.

c) He asked if his name is John.

d) He enquired that his name is not John.

24. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions from the options given.

 The girl is a descendant ...... the royal family.

 The friends descended ....... the hill

a) of, from   b) of, of

c) from, of  d) from, off

Direction for Question Nos. 25 to 30

Fill in the blank with the correct alternative:

25. That which cannot be conquered ...........

a) incorrigible  b) indomitable
c) inimitable   d) invincible

26. The art of making maps and charts ..........

a) Calligraphy   b) Cartography

c) Lexicography  d) Bibliography

27. Occurring after death .............

a) Postulate   b) Posthumous

c) Postern     d) Post Morten

28. To pour oil over troubled waters ............

a) to pilfer  b) to postpone

c) to make peace  d) to detest

29. The study of stars ..........

a) Astrophysics    b) Astrology

c) Astronomy   d) Celestial

30. One who walks in sleep .........

a) Pedestrian  b) Funambulist

c) Somnambulist d) Pedagogic

Wb PSC KPS Examination Descriptive type English Question

1. You have recently witnessed the Office Area of Dalhousie Square is congested with roadside stalls which sell fast food, fruit-cut and kept uncovered and artificially colored drinks.
Draft a report in English on the following Points:
The unhygienic way in which such food is kept, the hazards posed to health, steps needed to be taken to check the sale of such food and to increase public awareness about the dangers involved.

2. Translate into Bengali or Hindi or Urdu or Nepali :

India is a hot country and gets a lot of rain. But it does not get rain all the year and in all place. Assam, West Bengal and North Eastern Indian states, the West Coast of India, and parts of South India get a lot of rain from the monsoons. But Rajasthan and Ladakh get little rain or no rain at all. The place like Delhi, Agra and Varanashi become very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai have different types of climate. They never get cold. Calcutta has a short winter, but it is not really cold. It has a hot summer.      

WB PSC KPS Examination General Knowledge Question:

1. German Silver is an alloy of copper and

a) Zn and Ni    b) Al
c) Zn           d) Sn

2. ELISA is used to detect HIV but the confirmation of HIV infection is done through

a) Southern blotting

b) Western blotting

c) Eastern blotting

d) DNA finger printing

3. The membrane that surround the lungs ........

a) Oericardial
b) Mediastinal
c) Pleural
d) Peritoneal

4. Sepoy Mutiny first took place at

a) Kolkata  b) Bangalore
c) Barrackpore  d) Barasat

5. Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?

a) A.O. Hume      b) Aurobindo Ghosh
c) W.C. Banerjee  d) M.G. Ranade

6. The new alluvial soil found in the flood plains are called

a) Khadar  b) Bhangar
c) Podsol  d) Sirozem

7. 'Equal pay for work for both men and women' is a

a) Directive Principle

b) Statutory Provision in Labour Law

c) Fundamental Right

d) None of the above.

8. Who said "Swaraj is my birth right" ?

a) Subhas Chandra Bose

b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

c) Savarkar

d) Bipin Chandra Pal

9. Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa ?

a) Alivardi Khan

b) Mir Jafar Ali Khan

c) Murshid Quli Khan

d) Siraj-ud-Daula

10. The wind and rain fall that blows through South India during summer seaon is know as .

a) Norwester  b) Mango Shower
C) Westerly disturbance  d) Andhi

11. In which city of India was the Durand Cup held for the first time

a) Simal b) Madras (Channai)

c) Jaipur  d) Kolkata

12. In India Aus Rice is harvested during

a) Rainy Season  b) Summer Season

c) Winter Season  d) Spring Season

13. The practice of Sati was prohibited by

a) Lord Curzon  b) Lord Dalhousie

c) Lord William Bentick  d) Hastings

14. Wheat is grown in

a) Hilly slopes b) Undulating plans

c) High Plateaus  d) None of these

15. Cod liver oil rich in ......

a) Vitamin A and D

b) Vitamin A and C

c) Vitamin A and B

d) Vitamin A and E

16. One of the method of soil conservation in India is

a) Afforestation   b) Overgrazing

c) deforestation  d) Jhum Cultivation

17. Who was the governor of the Reserve Bank of India in 2011

a) Y.V. Reddy   b) Bimal Jalan

c) D. Subba rao   d) R.N. Malhotra

18. The massacre in Jallianwalabagh firing took place in

a) 1917   b) 1918

c) 1919   d) 1819

19. Which of the following institutions is not a Satutory Body ?

a) Election Commission

b) Finance Commission

c) Planning Commission

d) Union Public Service Commission

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